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Leadership Development Programs

Aimed at different levels of leaders – more experienced leaders, those who have been doing it for a while and those on the rise – emerging leaders

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30 1-day Programs

Our interactive and experiential one day training programs are designed to help you build the performance of your teams at all levels.

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Team Building Courses

Our 5-stage team building Program helps individuals and teams achieve goals and enjoy collaborative team relationships that ensure they are highly performing.

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Short face to face or online Training Sessions for Leaders and Staff

We run 8 Series of highly interactive online and face to face sessions for leaders and staff

• Leading with Impact
• Top Teams – Creating and Maintaining High Performance
• Communicating with Confidence
• Building Dynamic Organisations
• The Coaching Organisation
• Enthusiastic, Engaged Employees
• Me, Gen Y, Creating a Career Pathway for my Future
• Empowering Women to Thrive

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Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching gives the person greater insight, understanding and tools to be exemplary in their roles.

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Empowering Women to Thrive

We run a range of Programs for women both within Australia and internationally, including a 12 stage Program in Organisations to give women practical tips, strategies and skills to grow in their self-confidence, communication and assertiveness.

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Leaders Retreats

Run over 3 – 5 days, our popular Leaders Retreat Programs focus on simple, yet effective leadership theory, experiential activities, key principles and guiding factors to create competent and resilient leaders to drive your business forward.

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Conference Speaking

We speak at Conferences in Australia and internationally on many topics ranging from leadership and business to relationships and empowering women. Topics customised to suit. See what we offer!

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About Brooklyn