What makes a great leader?

November 26, 2018 adminmj

Leaders are all over the world. At the top of communities, Organisations, governments and families – all attempting to steer their followers, countries and employees successfully, into the future.

But many don’t succeed in the top job, creating chaos amongst the ranks and losing good people and resources along the way.

Because great leadership is a skill.  It is an art that we need to learn and follow so that we make those people, countries and Organisations we lead thrive in whichever way they are meant to.

Many Organisations remain profitable in the face of poor leadership.  Most have been in operation for decades and so have strong processes, systems, policies and people in place to keep it moving forward, despite an arrogant or unresponsive leader.  We see this often, but it’s not the way to grow.

Define Leadership.  It is ‘the action of leading a group of people or an Organisation’ but as opposed to managing, leadership is about higher-level strategy, seeing the future, creating the Vision and propelling the Organisation successfully forward.’

Harnessing the energy of daily operations lies in the hands of the Managers, whilst the executive leaders’ role is to safely guide the Company into the future, focussing on all strategic fronts.

What makes a great leader?

There are many, but I believe that there are some key competencies and skills leaders today need to be successful:

  • An inspiring Vision

A leader needs to know where the Organisation is going and share this vision with their people.  If we are all in the same boat facing the same direction and rowing in the same way, knowing which shore we are aiming for we will get there.

  • If we are in the same boat, facing different directions and rowing to wherever we think we should go, we fail to reach our destination and the Organisation struggles.
  • Integrity – this leader always does the right thing, even when people are not looking.
  • Innovation – creates new ways of doing things and encourages others to do the same.
  • Interest in others – connect with their people as humans, not just tools for making money.
  • Great people skills – they get on with everybody and are respected and admired.
  • Empathy – understands that we all have lives outside of work, so understand home-life demands that often affect us.
  • Positive outlook – the can-do attitude leader can’t be beaten. And people love it.
  • Curiosity – to learn, to develop, to grow.
  • Delivers the goods through highly performing teams.

 Leadership sails the ship. Unless leadership development, through a rigorous system of learning and development is considered a key strategy, it goes into the basket of ‘we’ll get here.’  A dangerous way to look at running a business.

Many Organisations we work in, whilst they value training and developing their leaders, don’t make it a priority.  It often becomes ‘next year’s strategy.’

Why not training your leaders, Captains of your Ship, regularly is a big mistake

Your leaders are the captains of your ship.  They are responsible for the crew, for reaching the destination, navigating rough seas and keep the morale of the troops high.  their role also involves making sure everybody works together, in unison, fighting off the rough turbulence when it arrives and standing firm and fast together to keep the ship afloat.  Moving forward towards the land to where it is headed.

If this captain is not in tip-top shape and on top of things, well skilled, trained and disciplined, how can they be held responsible for the lives and welfare of others?

They can’t.

  • Rethink leadership
    Rethink training and developing them at all levels
  • Rethink budget and strategy
  • Rethink the importance of the Captains steering your ship

If you don’t it may cost you. Big time.

We’ve been developing and training leaders and senior executives at all levels of Organisations for years, so we know why ongoing development of leaders is so critical for any business.

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Or you can chat with us about any concerns or ideas you have about developing your leaders and team.

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