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What the best bosses say to their Team

The most important thing to do as a leader is energise and enthuse your people.  Make them want to follow you.  Act like a top boss, always being positive and doing what you say you will do.

Whilst it sounds so simple, why is it that so few bosses do it well?

Recent research in the USA identified that most employees don’t give or receive anywhere near the amount of praise they should. Because of that, they are less productive and in many cases, completely disengaged in their jobs.  According to the US Department of Labour, the number one reason why people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel’ appreciated’ by the boss or Organisation.

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If you Want to Lead your People, You Need to Serve Them!

Considering the research findings that consistently indicate that happy workers = greater productivity = increased profitability, it‘s important business leaders learn key lessons about working well with their people – and leading them properly.

Before all else, modern day leaders need to think ‘leadership.’  What does it mean to them and how can they do it better?  Because the only real weapon they have against the opposition, is their people!

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Happy employees: The key to increased productivity

Happy Workers – do they really make a difference?

People are the most vital resource in any Organisation today and yet are often the last part of the budget to be considered for investment.

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

No matter the size of your organisation, whether you have three people, or 90 000 people working for you, the imagination, creativity and capabilities of your people is what counts.

Research indicates that happy people work harder, are more productive and more engaged in what they are doing.  Engaged, productive people mean greater profitability.

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If you don’t put your people first you put your Organisation last!

To all the leaders out there who have the opportunity and are in a role to develop their people – get serious!

If you don’t constantly think about how and where you can transform your people on a regular basis by increasing their skills and growing their competence, perhaps you should re-think leadership.  Your people are not a difference.  They are THE difference.

Research concurs with this.

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Communicate Assertively and Confidently as a Woman. Say what you mean and mean what you say to be heard!

This powerful, interactive 1-day Program designed for women who struggle to be assertive, stand up for themselves and often feel they are not heard. At home, at work, wherever.

Learn to ‘Say What you Mean and Mean What you Say to be Heard!

  • Ever been in the situation where you have walked away from a conversation or argument, angry with yourself for not standing your ground, or being assertive enough, or not saying how you really felt?
  • Struggle to voice your opinion, be heard or find the right words to say?
  • Tired of not being taken seriously at work or home because people don’t listen to what you say anyway, so you ask yourself ‘what’s the point?’

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this is the Program for you

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5 ways for Women Leaders to deal with Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Research shows that workplace bullying costs the Australian economy between $6 billion and $36 billion every year and on average, each claim costs employers between $17,000 to $24,000, depending on the case.

But it’s not only about the money.

The impact of workplace bullying and harassment on other people can be devastating and as fear and uncertainty become the norm, morale plummets and productivity becomes history.

As a female in a leadership role, it is critical that as soon as you get a ‘whiff’ of any behaviour that resembles workplace bullying or harassment, you jump onto it.  Far too often leaders leave the problem alone, hoping that the issue will resolve itself in time.  It never does.

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7 key things to do as a leader when your Team doesn’t pull together!

It’s a new year and time to look at how your crew is performing.  Sometimes yes, perhaps?  Mostly no?   And you realise the team didn’t perform well as well as it could have last year either.  And the year before that was average.

We know all about the importance of highly performing teams in Organisations but when yours does not excel, what do you do?

Statistics show:

 79% of great performers in teams will leave for better horizons and those left behind will disengage (more than 70% of employees do) if you don’t get the team rockin.’

  • About 2 in 10 employees are disengaged in their work and undermine the effort and contribution made by others, according to researcher Gallup

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Managerial Courage

How much do you have?

By definition, Managerial Courage is ‘being able to tactfully dispense direct and actionable feedback to others and be open and direct with them without being intimidating.  In essence it means to deal head-on with people problems and prickly situations.’

Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/education/training-and-events/education-competencies/managerial_courage.aspx

Dealing with workplace conflict and managing performance are typically two areas of difficulty that many Managers have when leading others.  Giving people ‘unkind’ feedback about their performance (or lack thereof) is an action many Managers choose not to do, unless absolutely necessary.  Others do it badly.  Few do it well.

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Women in leadership – Gaining the competitive advantage

The statistics tell it all. Worldwide, and historically, women have repeatedly not been represented at the ‘leadership table’ sufficiently, if at all, not only leaving a slanted male gender bias in the areas of politics, business and law, for example,  but in other significant areas of modern day business.

The disparity brings a range of complications in all aspects of government, business and society at large.

However, the many advantages that women bring to modern day business, particularly in enhancing the ‘competitive edge,’ should never be under-estimated. Consider these staggering outcomes of a recent worldwide research conducted on the impact of women in leadership roles.

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Confusing the roles of Leader and Manager – does it really matter in modern day Organisations?

In most Organisations within which we work, we regularly find that there is often a confusion between the roles and responsibilities of a Leader and that of a Manager. In some discussions I have had, relatively senior people believe they are the same role.

Simply, they are not.

All businesses need both leaders and managers – people who can carve the Vision, see the big picture and take the troops and Organisation forward (Leaders) and those who maintain daily systems, disciplines and operations (Managers). In many smaller organisations, one person can play both roles, although the trick for the individual is knowing which role they are playing at any time, when and with what end in mind.

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